Zucchini Contest

Welcome to the 2020 Harvest Market Zucchini Patch.
Do you have a big zucchini, or have you decorated a zucchini? Enter it in the Zucchini Patch Contest.

What is the Zucchini Patch Contest?
A fun contest to recognize those who have grown and/or decorated their zucchinis.

How to Enter.
Entry this year is by e-mail with attached photo. E-mail should be sent to zucchini@underhillharvestmarket.com

When may entries be submitted?
Entries may be submitted at any time from now until the deadline.
All entries must be received by the deadline of 2pm Sunday September 27, 2020.

What information is needed for entry?
Please submit an e-mail and photo for all entries. For big zucchinis the e-mail and/or photo should state the measurements of length, width and weight. Length should be in inches and fractions of an inch. See Figure 1. Weight should be in pounds and ounces. See Figure 2. For decorated zucchinis or naturally occurring unusually shaped zucchini’s the e-mail and/or photo should contain a title or theme of the decorated zucchini. See Figure 3.

How will entries be identified on the website?
Entry photos will be posted on the website with identifying information.
The entry e-mail should contain the name, age (or school grade) and town of the person entering the contest. In the e-mail please let us know what identifying information we may post on the Zucchini website.
For children, for example: Would Peter (first name only) of Underhill age 8 be ok for your child?
For adults, for example: Would first name and town be ok with you?

How will entries be judged?
Children’s entries will be divided into boy/girl, and age/grade divisions.
The number of divisions will be determined by the number of entries.
Adult entries will probably be pooled.

How do I find the results?
Results will be posted at the website https://underhillharvestmarket.com under the Zucchini Contest tab by 5pm on Sunday September 27, 2020.

Will winning entries be recognized?
A recognition “certificate” will be e-mailed to all those who have entered.