Old Fashioned Harvest Market 2021 - September 25 and 26

timeless fun at old fashioned prices

Great Entertainment 2021

The Old Fashioned Harvest Market offers a full weekend of fun for all ages.  The festivities kick off on Saturday, September 25 at 10AM after the Harvest Market parade.  2021 scheduling is underway, check back closer to September to see all events!


Great Fun 2021

From the great opening parade to the fun old-fashioned kids games, Harvest Market has fun for all ages.

2021 scheduling is underway, see all events listed on our Schedule page!

Join the fun by being an active participant in one or more of the Harvest Market venues:


Great Food 2021

Great food is easy to find at Harvest Market, with reasonable prices, too!  We have fresh squeezed lemonade and cider, homemade cookies and pies, maple cotton candy, burgers, dogs, french fries, and more!


Hope to see you there! Learn More