Pet Show 2021

Bodhi is our old guy. He’s 14 and has gotten to really love his blanket on chilly days!
Jason, Michaela and Sage
“Katie left her doll’s bed for me when she went home!”
Frank and Zoe
The Manzs
This is Mogget.  He is Evelyn’s cat.  He is a very bad cat but we love him.
Name: Trixie
Age: 1 years old
Likes to: run around, attack feet, eat, and walk across keyboards.
Brooklyn and Arianna 
Poppy is a good baby sitter. She is guarding Rachel.
Rosie and Laura are having a meeting.
Frax makes sure that we are tuned to the right channel.
He belongs to Sandy.
Venus is a very smart cat. She belongs to Sage.
Keera will help in any way she can. She belongs to Tim.