Harvest Market Trivia!

Test your Harvest Market historical expertise with these brain benders!

  1. Who was the United Church of Underhill’s minister that orchestrated the first Harvest Market?
  2. What year was the first Harvest Market?
  3. Every year how is the date of Harvest Market chosen?
  4. In the first few years of Harvest Market what weekend was it held?
  5. What year did it snow during Harvest Market?
  6. What venues did the first Harvest Market offer?
  7. In 1976 each state built a covered wagon to travel to Washington D.C. to celebrate the country’s bicentennial. In 1975 Vermont’s wagon arrived in Underhill for the Harvest Market celebration pulled by horses. Rides were given from the church to the ID School and back. Which age group dominated the line for a ride?
  8. How many venders are there in the Flea Market?
  9. For many years the Episcopal Church hosted a dinner at Brown’s River
    Middle School after Harvest Market on Saturday. What did they serve?
  10. In 2019, who was the Parade Marshall and honored citizen?
  11. How many pounds of potatoes does the French Fry Booth order?
  12. How many pizzas were sold in 2019? How many varieties of pizza are
  13. How many tents does Harvest Market set up?
  14. What year did the lemonade stand sell the most?
  15. Who are the Chairmen of the Harvest Market Steering Committee?
  16. What is the most popular soup at the Soup Bowl tent?
  17. How many kinds of cookies are sold in the Cookie Factory?
  18. What do the children dig for in the sawdust pile?
  19. What pest shows up every year in the cider tent that annoys the workers?
  20. True or False. Does the Food Tent sell onion rings?

Answers are upside down below!