2021 Flea Market

2021 Flea Market Vendor Application

All rules are contained in the 2021 Flea Market Vendor Information document or in FAQs -please review carefully prior to emailing questions, thanks.  Please contact the Flea Market at fleamarket@underhillharvestmarket.com to be added to the email list for updates or with questions. Or just apply – applicants are automatically added to email and mailing lists.


When is the Harvest Market?

The Old Fashioned Harvest Market is held on the last full weekend of September each year (Sept 25-26 for 2021) at the United Church of Underhill, 7 Park Street in Underhill, Vermont. Flea market hours are 9am-5pm Saturday, 10am-4pm Sunday.

Can I be a vendor at the Harvest Market?

Yes! You can be a vendor in the Flea Market in the field behind the church. Applications will routinely be available by early June 2021. There are allowed and non-allowed uses of vendor spaces. Please review the rules posted.

What products are permitted/not permitted for sale?

Alcohol is not permitted. Food and drink concessions are reserved for non-profit vendors. For non-profits intending to vend food/drink, specific items to be sold are subject to approval so that there is not duplication with UCU itself or other nonprofits. For for-profit vendors: Sale of new, manufactured retail items, personal care products (e.g. Mary Kay, Amway, Avon), etc., in or out of their boxes, is prohibited.   We welcome craft, art and antique vendors and those offering such homemade products as syrup, honey, jams, jellies, pickles and soap.  Miscellaneous used flea market merchandise of a collectible nature is also solicited.  If there is a question about the suitability of a product, please query by email.

How big are the spaces?

The spaces are 20 feet across the front by 15 feet deep.

How much does it cost?

For 2021, fees are $60 for the weekend for for-profit vendors, $50 for non-profit organizations. We will have a few spaces available for Sunday-only in the soup tent (only operates on Saturday for soup). Those will be smaller approximately 10×15 ft. spaces, prices TBA.

Are tents/canopies/water/electricity provided?

No, sorry. Your space is a 20×15 space marked on the ground. The rest is up to you. Exception: the Sunday-only vendors are under one of our tents.

When/how do I apply?

Applications will be released by early June each year. Though we are considering other processes for future years, for 2021 paper applications will still be mailed to our mailing list.  Those only on the email list will receive an electronic link to the application (current year application posted on this page when available/application process is open). The application process is on paper – please fill out and mail back with check.

Is it likely that I’ll get a spot?

Returning vendors have the first choice option to return – application must be received by the early application deadline in July. The spots remaining after returning vendors have been placed are distributed to new vendors in the order that applications are received – applications sent back early in the process have a better chance, therefore. There is a waiting list each year and some years we get all the way or most of the way through the waiting list. We often have last-minute spots available due to vendors dropping out so for those with flexible schedules there’s always a chance.

I’m a vendor this year. When can I move in to my space?

Flea market vendors may move into their spaces from 4-7pm on the Friday prior to the event and from 6:30 – 9am on Saturday morning. All vehicles must be out of the venue by the start time of the event (9am on Saturday and 10am on Sunday). Please allow adequate time for loading-in. Warning to new vendors: It takes more time than you think.

Can I bring my trailer?

You may bring a trailer carrying your goods and supplies. Please be aware that there are many other vendors loading in simultaneously and that aisles are 15 feet wide. There are tight 90 degree corners in the Flea Market venue so please plan your transport accordingly. Not all trailers will fit in the venue. Please be courteous and do not obstruct your fellow vendors.

Can I vend from my trailer?

If your trailer fits wholly within your 20×15 foot space (including trailer tongue and entry ramps, etc, then you may. Otherwise not. There are a limited number of spaces around the periphery of the venue and a trailer may be pulled through to just behind your space if you have one of those. Please note when applying if you’re requesting one of those spaces. Very few of these spaces are available to new vendors from year to year so please have an alternate plan.

Is there parking for me/for my helpers?

There is limited vendor parking available for during the event only. Each vendor will be given one parking pass for free use of the vendor lot. Please do not park additional cars in the vendor lot. Carpool when you are able. Your assistants may park at Brown’s River Middle School (free shuttle!) or in Jacob’s field nearby – enter off of Park Street near the Post office or on Route 15 near the Underhill Fire Station.

Can I camp overnight?

No camping is permitted on church property or in our designated vendor lot. Independent arrangements with nearby landowners are up to you.