2020 Events


EXTRA! EXTRA! As a tasty addition to the Tag Sale, The Harvest Market Cookie Factory will be selling a variety of their famous home-made cookies.

Customers are encouraged to park in the area behind the church.
To ensure the safety of our shoppers and volunteers, please observe the following:

1. Face masks or other face coverings are required.

2. Contact tracing information (name, phone number, time of visit) will be recorded.

3. Social distancing must be maintained as much as possible both inside and out.

4. Sanitizing stations will be available inside and out.

5. Tents:
To reduce concentration of customers inside the building several tents will be set up outside.
Access to the tent area will be at the back of the Clutter Barn. Signs will identify contents of each tent.
The number of shoppers in each tent at any one time will be monitored and limited. Observe social distancing.

6. Inside the Clutter Barn:
Enter at front door only. Exit at back door only.
The number of shoppers inside will be monitored and limited—we ask for your patience!
One-way foot traffic will be indicated inside the building.
Up and down traffic on the stairway will be monitored and alternated.
Cash-out stations will be outside behind the Clutter Barn. Bags provided or bring your own.

7. Books for adults:
Located off the premises just down the street at 379 VT Route 15 – a white house with a big red barn with Starry Night painted on the doors – site of the Saxon Hill Barn Sale at Harvest Market.
This location will be open same as the Tag Sale – 9:00 a.m./3:00 p.m. – and all above-listed safety precautions will apply.

“COOKIES TO GO” Yes! Those large, tasty cookies that are usually available during the United Church of Underhill Old Fashioned Harvest Market will be making a showing at the CLUTTER BARN TAG SALES July 25th and September 19th, 2020.  We are offering our most popular maple, molasses and chocolate chip cookies, pre-bagged for your safety, for take-out only. Look for the tent just outside the back entrance of the church and get your taste of Harvest Market in a year of doing things differently!

We will have other items for the September sale.